How to bond with your French audience?

Updated: Jun 22

Speak French!

If you are performing for a French audience, communicating with them in French is key to help you create that special bond.

What if I don't speak French? That is not a problem. The idea is not to engage in a philosophical discussion on music aesthetics, but to build a bridge to your audience’s cultural heart, by using their native language. Only a few words will suffice, because c’est l’intention qui compte, "it is the intention that counts".

Yay! I can speak French! If you can speak French, then use it. Don’t think that your fans won’t care. Of course, listening to you speak or sing in your native language is an exotic and charming musical treat to their ears, but a few words or sentences here and there will create – or strengthen – the bond between you. Why? Because it will make them feel special, understood, acknowledged!

Back to basics!

  • Say hello, name your audience and show you care!

> Bonsoir Paris! Ça va?

  • They are here for you, so talk about you, your music, the concert's program...

> Nous allons jouer pour vous Georgia On My Mind ...

  • Introduce the band!

> À la batterie: Pierre!

  • Interact by engaging with your audience:

  1. Teach: explain one or two things about what you’re doing. If you know some French, use that, if you don’t, use English and ask for help - your fans will love to help you out- and go from there. It doesn’t matter if you stumble on words or pronunciation. Again, what matters is that you are reaching out.

  2. Ask questions:

> Ça va tout le monde? > Quel morceau voulez-vous entendre? > Avez-vous des questions? En anglais s’il-vous-plaît!

3. Show the love : 

> Je suis très très heureux /heureuse d’être ici. > Merci beaucoup ! > Vous êtes formidable.

4. How to answer if they start speaking French to you?!?

> Je ne parle pas français, je suis désolé(e)

> Pouvez-vous répéter? > Parlez plus lentement s'il-vous-plaît!


Any other sentence you'd like to learn? Send me a message and I will post the answer here and on my Instagram story.

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